Jadeshroom Massager

Jadeshroom Massager

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  • Tool to help with facial massage and at home
  • Promote blood circulation help penetrate products deeper into skin tissue. 
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage  
  • Reduce puffiness
  • The handle provides great control allowing you to apply the gentle pressure you desire without causing damage to the skin   



  • Put the mushroom stone in warm water before use to relieve tired muscles, it helps to activate the blood flow and we like to add lavender in the water for an extra calming effect.
  • Massage with the facial oil elixir (Kingdom glow) and feel those tension melt away.  


  • Jade is naturally a very cool stone, so it will feel cold to the touch. 
  • Apply facial oil elixir  (Akaewsu), massage, in addition to driving hydration deep onto your skin, it also helps to move retained fluid (known as lymph) out of areas where it has gotten stuck, hence depuffing those areas. 

Each massager comes with one of our .25oz signature oil elixirs