Obtain your Choice of 2 Premium Products:

  • Gold Coast Exfoliating Mask (pineapple, papaya, and Calendula)
  • South Cape ( Calendula, Oat extract, Niacinimide, and Tumeric )
  • Kingdom Glow CBD oil ( 200 MG of CBD isolate per 1 oz. Bottle)
  • Morocco Blue oil ( Hazelnut oil, Oat oil, Vitamin C, Blue Tansy oil) 
  •  Luxe Nsuo Hydrosol 


You will also recieve a Free 15 minute skincare consultation as well as 30% off your next purchase with this order.  




Treatment Box

$90.00 Regular Price
$63.00Sale Price
First Choice
Second Choice
  • Items can be replaced/exchanged (for the same product) at the expense of the purchaser.  Please read the contents of each product before purchase to ensure that it is safe for YOUR personal use.  Love Yourself & Co. is not and will not be responsible for issues and reactions caused by the use of any products sold.  If Pregnant Please consult your physician before use.   


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